The Sopranos: The 10 Best Characters, According To Ranker!



Adriana La Cerva

The long-time girlfriend of Tony Soprano's protégé, Christopher Moltisanti, is seen as a darling by every member of the family. Unfortunately, her life takes a turn for the worst when the FBI arm-twists her into becoming an informant.

As a character, Adriana is mostly used to highlight the struggles of women in relationships. She is revealed to be unable to have children, something that creates conflict between her and Christopher. She is frequently subjected to domestic violence too but remains strong. Additionally, Adriana is very loyal to the family and that's why she refrains from giving the FBI any meaningful information that might cause anyone trouble.


Her loyalty later becomes her undoing because she is shot by Silvio after confessing to Christopher that she is an informant.

Bobby Baccalla

Bobby starts out as Junior Soprano's soldier but switches sides after his life is spared in the war between Junior and Tony. He then rises to be the Underboss of the family but is killed during the New York Vs New Jersey mob war.

Bobby is undoubtedly the nicest mobster on the show. He is humble, shy, and takes all kinds of offensive jokes thrown at him. He doesn't tolerate disrespect to his family and that's the reason he brutally beats up Tony when he insults his wife.


In the process, he proves himself to be one of the best fighters in The Sopranos.

Junior Soprano

Junior is embroiled in a bitter feud with his nephew Tony at the start of the series but is forced to take a step back when most of his capable men get whacked. Junior's troubles are further worsened by health complications and scrutiny from the FBI.

While Junior can be mean and ruthless, he is reasonable too. Even though he doesn't like Tony, he refuses to participate in Richie Aprille's plot to overthrow him. As an old-timer, he has enough experience to know the best decision to make at any given time.


Later in the series, Tony is seen turning to him for advice on a number of occasions.

Silvio Dante

Silvio serves as the Consigliere of the DiMeo crime family and the Head of Operations at the popular mob hangout joint, the Bada Bing strip club. When Tony gets shot in the final season, he briefly serves as acting boss.

Many things stand out about Silvio, including his fashion sense, which is unmatched by any other character. Additionally, his pop culture knowledge has made him a constant source of entertainment too as he enjoys mimicking Michael Corleone from The Godfather trilogy. And as the most level-headed member of the family, he has always provided a clear sense of direction when everything looked bleak.


Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher is seen by Tony as his future successor but messes up his own prospects by failing to get over his drug addiction problems. Eventually, Tony is forced to kill him.

Christopher enjoys fluid character development throughout the show. He rises from an 'unmade' guy to a Capo in just a few years. And apart from being a mobster, he also ventures into Hollywood where he gets to make his own movie titled Cleaver. Christopher is also at the center of some iconic episodes in the series such as "Pine Barrens."

Tony Soprano

The boss of the DiMeo crime family proves to be an extremely capable leader during his time at the helm.


He also tries hard to juggle work, family life, and his numerous mistresses.

Tony is extremely intelligent. Despite being under constant FBI scrutiny, he never gets arrested. And in a profession full of violent and vindictive people, he never gets killed, at least not on screen. It's hinted that he died after the controversial cut-to-black in the series finale. Moreover, Tony is very logical in his decision-making, something that helps him avoid getting into unnecessary conflict.