8 Worst Decisions The Sopranos Characters Made


The characters in The Sopranos are known for their complexity and well-developed personalities. However, even the best characters can make some of the worst decisions with dire consequences for the show as a whole. These decisions, whether reflecting the characters' humanity or just sheer stupidity, have had long-lasting effects on what many consider one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

One such character is AJ Soprano, who consistently makes poor choices that reflect his shortcomings but don't significantly impact the overall storyline. Another example is Christopher Moltisanti, whose bad decisions sometimes play a role in the story but have the most devastating consequences when they ultimately lead to his own death in Season 6.


Among the list of questionable decisions in The Sopranos, here are a few that stand out:

Paulie Causing Trouble with Valery (Season 3, Episode 11): In what should have been a routine collection, Paulie's antagonistic behavior towards Valery snowballs into a chain of events that leaves Paulie and Christopher stranded in the freezing woods. This unnecessary trouble strains relationships within the group.

Matthew Bevilaqua & Sean Gismonte's Attempt on Christopher's Life (Season 2, Episode 8): Hoping to gain favor with Richie Aprile and move up in the ranks, these two mobsters decide to kill their friend Christopher.


However, their poorly thought-out plan fails, leading to both of their deaths and an overall escalation of consequences.

Jackie Jr.'s Ill-fated Robbery (Season 3, Episode 12): Jackie Jr., seeking a shortcut to becoming a "made" gangster, recruits his friends to rob Ralph's card game. Their amateurish attempt goes awry, resulting in multiple casualties. Jackie's impatience and desire for an easy way into the mob ultimately cost him his life.

Vito Spatafore's Return after Being Outed (Season 6, Episode 11): Despite being outed as gay, Vito decides to return to New Jersey, hoping to reconcile with Tony and his old life.


However, this decision leads to his untimely death at the hands of Phil Leotardo. Vito's act of returning instead of staying in his new life in New Hampshire sealed his fate.

Tony's Delay in Killing Pussy (Season 2, Episode 13): Tony's close friend, Big Pussy, is revealed to be an FBI informant. Instead of acting immediately, Tony delays, allowing Pussy to provide the authorities with substantial information. Tony's hesitation ultimately plays a role in building a case against him.

These are just a few examples of the characters' poor choices and the consequences they yield. Each decision adds depth to the story and showcases the flawed humanity of The Sopranos' characters. The show's brilliant writing and intricately depicted characters make these mistakes feel real and impactful, ultimately contributing to the show's enduring appeal.