The Sopranos: Artie’s 10 Best Quotes


When he doubts Tony: Artie refuses to believe that Tony wasn't involved in the fraudulent card transactions that caused trouble for his restaurant, The Vesuvio. He underestimates Tony's care for him and fails to realize that Tony would never intentionally hurt his business.

When he tried to act tough with Jean-Philippe: Artie attempts to confront Jean-Philippe, who borrowed money from him but avoids his calls. However, Artie's tough act turns comical as he ends up getting beaten and thrown out.

When Tony gives him unsolicited advice: Artie's struggling business prompts Tony to offer advice, but Artie believes he knows better.


He fails to recognize that Tony's success in running various businesses demonstrates his business acumen.

When he gets jealous of Benny Fazio: Artie becomes jealous when Benny starts dating one of his hostesses, and he tries to assert his authority as her boss. However, Artie's lack of success with women and failure to learn from Tony's charm leave him bitter.

When he worries about his life choices: Artie ponders whether his life would be different if he had become a gangster like his father suggested. Despite financial struggles, he realizes the advantages of being a law-abiding citizen and avoiding the dangers of organized crime.


When he worries about his restaurant causing food poisoning: Concerned about Tony falling ill from food poisoning, Artie contacts Big Pussy to confirm if he also has stomach issues. However, Artie's actions only serve to worsen the situation and potentially damage The Vesuvio's reputation.

When he gets tough with Benny: After discovering Benny's responsibility for card fraud, Artie confronts him at his house. Surprisingly, Artie overpowers Benny in a physical altercation, showcasing unexpected fighting skills.

When he offers Benny's wife a "Martina": To embarrass Benny, Artie suggests serving a fictional drink called a "Martina," claiming it's from Albania.


The reference to a hostess named Martina implies Benny's infidelity but stops short of directly revealing it.

When he learns Tony was responsible for the arson: Upon learning that Tony orchestrated the arson at The Vesuvio, Artie feels devastated and expresses his disillusionment with men. Unbeknownst to him, Tony's act was meant to save lives and preserve the restaurant.

When he professes his love for Adriana: Artie confronts Christopher, upset that Adriana had to leave The Vesuvio to run her club. In a misguided moment, he confesses his love for Adriana to Tony, who finds it amusing and silly.

Despite his flaws and comedic moments, Artie brings a unique dynamic to the series and often serves as a source of amusement. 😅📺